Aces and Bets: The In-Depth Analysis of Golf Tournaments

Golf is a complicated and highly entertaining sport that people love to wager on. If you're interested in getting involved with golf, and placing wagers on some of the many special events, you should understand what the majors are and how to place wagers effectively. Below is an analysis of golf tournaments and how to bet on them.

Get to Know the Golf Majors

There are many popular golf tournaments, but the most well-known events are known as the majors and they're all worth knowing. The first of the year is the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia which happens every April. After that is the PGA Championship that's played at multiple golf courses throughout the United States in May. The U.S. Open is the next event that's played at varying US golf courses in June and finally, there is the Open Championship held at different U.K. locations in July. Each of these four events is known as a major and they are the most popular events to wager on.

Most Common Tournament Wagers

The simplest golf tournament wager you can place is to bet on the winner of the event. Choose the player you think will win, and place money on them as the tournament winner. This wager only pays if that individual wins the whole tournament, and the wager likely pays a great deal. You can also wager on a top 5 or top 10 finish with a lower possible payout. Many bettors prefer to do an Each Way wager that splits the wager between one person as the winner and that same person as a top 5 or top 10 finisher. This wager gives you the opportunity to win big but also provides a safety net in case the player just misses the win. Between these few wager options, you have the basics to enable you to place bets on upcoming golf tournaments.

Match Players Using Matchup Bets

When wagering at a top sportsbook you can choose common player matchups for single rounds and full tournaments. Players of similar skill levels are placed against one another in matchups, and you can bet on who is going to do better during a specific round or throughout a tournament. This is particularly entertaining if you and a friend are both expecting a different player to win the tournament.

Live Betting is Offered Throughout Tournaments

Most major golf tournaments are full of live betting opportunities. Bet on the winner of a tournament later on in a round, or wager on how you expect a golfer to perform on a specific hole. With live betting technology, you can interact with the games all throughout the tournament until it finishes, giving you more opportunities for entertainment.

Use Prop Bets for More Chances to Win

Prop bets are entertaining wagers you can place on all sorts of little extras during tournaments. Props are very popular during one of the four Majors when the most bettors are participating. Wager on which nationality will perform the best during the tournament, bet on whether there will be a hole-in-one or an Albatross during the tournament, and place dozens of other random wagers to keep things interesting.

Building a Card For an Event

The most effective way to wager on a tournament is to build a card containing several small wagers that you believe are likely to occur. Many people create cards around a single player, but you could also wager on a few separate players. Either way, the idea is the same. You place several wagers that serve to hedge your bets. Don't only bet on Tiger Woods to win the whole thing, bet on him to place top 5, to place top 10, and to finish as the number one American player in the tournament. With these wagers in place, you have many chances to win, even if Tiger doesn't win the whole event.

If you're planning to start wagering on golf tournaments, start small, or even place some practice bets to learn how wagering works and what to expect. Wagering in golf tournaments is an excellent way to get yourself interested in what's happening. Try different wagers, follow the major tournaments, and have fun with golf and sports betting in general by using this information.