Betting on the Majors: A Comprehensive Guide to Golf's Biggest Events

As a golf enthusiast you likely already know about the world's greatest golf events. If you're beginning to bet on golf, you need to know about each of the major tournaments. These are the most important golfing events and are heavily wagered on. Get to know each of these top events before you start looking at the odds and placing any wagers.

The Masters

This is the largest, most important and prized golf tournament in the world. The Masters tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club and it's the event the pros most want to win each year. The tournament is located in Augusta, Georgia and it's the premier wagering opportunity in golf.

The Open Championship

If we're ranking golf tournaments, this one gets second place overall. The Open Championship is located in Fife, Scotland and it's often called the British Open as well. The Open Championship is our favorite international golf event and the only major that's always held in the UK. It's been home to top golfers and every serious professional tries to win this event.

US Open

American often prefer the US Open to the other majors tournaments. This event has one of the largest prize purses of any and is worth more to the pros than either the Open Championship or the Masters. The tournament doesn't get much publicity in foreign countries and is held in a different location each year, but it's a thrilling event and one that any golf betting enthusiast marks on their calendar.

The PGA Championship

The fourth and least popular of the major tournaments is the PGA Championship. The PGA Championship changes locations annually and is thought of as the least popular of all the majors. It's still a huge event with countless wagering options to choose from. The course selected each year is difficult and challenging to predict.

Bet on the Winners

Between these four different events, any golf enthusiast has a huge range of wagering opportunities to take advantage of. You can bet on the winner of the whole tournament, or wager on more specific events, such as whether someone will get a hole-in-one or not. Look at the betting options available for each of these tournaments and start considering which bets are the right pick for you.

Compare Player Odds at Differnet Events

When you begin betting on golf you'll notice that some players have better odds at certain tournaments than others. That's because each player performs better in specific tournaments. If a golfer wins a certain tournament regularly, they will have superior odds to the other golfers. Read through the odds carefully and you can learn about some of golf's top professional players in the process.

The majors are the premier golf tournaments held annually. These events draw the biggest crowds and have the largest prize purses. They're also what everyone will be wagering on. If you're interested in golf betting, you need to spend time wagering on these tournaments specifically.