Navigating the Fairways: How to Evaluate Golfers for Betting

If you're new to the sport of golf, you should probably rely on the odds provided by an oddsmaker, or several different oddsmakers at varying sportsbooks. If you're knowledgeable about golf, you have an advantage over the oddsmakers that have to focus on too many different players. Use your knowledge to help you get more effective wins. It's unlikely that anyone oddsmaker has the same specific knowledge that you do about certain players. These pros are good at analyzing numbers, but if you have a few favorite golfers you can use what you know about them to help you wager more effectively. Gain the knowledge about examining a golf course and evaluating the different players in a tournament. There are endless factors that influence when a player wins or he loses. Learn about the important factors involved, count them in when deciding who to bet on and you'll have superior results.

Look at Their History on the Course

Every pro golfer is good in some ways and terrible in others. That means that one golfer is much stronger on a specific course than another. Before you wager on a specific player, look at past performances on the course he's about to plat on.

Consider Their Current Streak

While a streak doesn't mean everything, golfers that have been winning many tournaments in a row are more likely to win again than they are to lose. Before you wager on any player look at their recent games to see whether they've been winning or losing.

Match Player Skills to the Current Course

Even if the pros you're considering haven't played on a specific course in a tournament setting before, you can still predict how well they will perform on it based on the style of the golf course and that player's skill set. Some courses have longer length holes than average. Others have wide-open fairways, while others are narrow and require more precision. Think about what each player's specialties are and choose pros based on whether their skills fit the course or not. If they don't you should probably be looking at a different player instead.

Look at Every Important Detail

Just as oddsmakers do, you have to look at as many extra details as you can about your chosen player before placing a wager. Have they been adjusting their swing? Have they suffered any recent injuries? All the extra details impact a player's game just as much as their history playing at specific golf courses. You can only make accurate predictions when you're thinking about all the variables affecting the player you're wagering on.

Consider the Weather

Weather will either help your chosen player or hurt them. Some players perform exceedingly well with high wins. Others do well in cold weather, and you will find some players that struggle when playing on wet courses versus dry. It seems crazy to try and think about all the different little weather details, but the weather for the tournament really matters.

Take your time analyzing a specific golf event, really think about the course and the top players, and use your specialized knowledge of the game to help you choose wagers that you think are more likely to win than the oddsmakers predict. If you can do this consistently, you can do well wagering on golf. Even when you don't win your wagers you can still have a good time.