Tee Off Like a Pro: Advanced Strategies for Golf Betting

Golf is a highly entertaining sport to wager on when you understand more advanced wagers and tactics. Without advanced knowledge, you cannot take advantage of the best opportunities available to gamblers. Learn how to research the players like a pro, and find out about some of the advanced golf betting strategies to give you superior results.

Things To Look For Before Choosing a Golfer

Before wagering on a specific golfer it's important to consider how the different players are performing lately, current course conditions and whether that player does well at the course you're wagering on. These details are all simple to look up if you don't already know about your favorite golfer. Use records for your golfer of choice to help you decide what sort of wagers to make. By considering more data points you'll often make superior decisions when wagering. You shouldn't rely on the odds given to a golfer by a sportsbook alone though. Instead, you should rely on your research to point you to leading golf players that you need to bet on.

Try these Different Bet Types

Most new gamblers interested in golf wager on who the winner of a tournament will be. This is the standard wager and it's one of the simplest to understand. It's not necessarily the best wager for you to make though. Depending on your golf knowledge and your risk tolerance, you could improve your odds by using a different betting strategy instead. Instead of betting on the entire tournament full of players you could bet on a single group of three golfers. To mix things up you should try wagering on the age of the winner or what nationality they are. These wagers are easier to get right, and they often still give good payouts. Learn about some advanced golf wagers and how to use them to up your betting game.

Try 3 Balls Wagers

The first rounds of any major golf tournament starts players in groups of three. When placing 3 balls wagers you're betting on which golfer out of a group will have the lowest score after the first 18 holes. These wagers have lower payouts than betting on the tournament winner, but they present real opportunities for gamblers that know specific players well.

Try Wagering on a Nationality

While this doesn't always work if you believe a golfer from a unique country is likely to win a tournament, try betting their nationality. Betting on a unique nationality for a tournament may give you better odds than betting on a specific person if there are a few golfers from that country. It's a different sort of wager to make than the standard single golfer. It doesn't work well if you believe the winning player will be from the United States or Europe though.

Bet on the Lowest Tournament Round

If you don't want to choose a specific golfer, but you feel like you know how everyone will play at a given tournament course, you can bet on the lowest tournament round. With this wager type, you bet that nobody will go under a certain amount for any round in the tournament. If a course has particularly bad conditions for some reason and you think the players will struggle you could bet 70 as the lowest value. If everyone scores higher than a 70 on all their rounds you would win.

Bet on Age Instead

Just like the nationality wager, you can bet on the age of the winning player as well. You don't need to pick the age. Instead, you decide what range of ages the winner will be in. If you have one or two winners in mind you can pick an age range that fits them both and improve your odds of success.

Standard golf wagers are good enough to get you started, but these advanced wagers will give you new opportunities to win and enjoy different odds. Try some of these different wagers out and see if they do better for you than the basic tournament winner bet.