The Ultimate Guide to Golf Betting: Terminologies, Tips, and Tactics

You cannot find many other sports more difficult than golf. As a bettor you need to know all the important terms and the wagering strats before you start risking your money. Take your time looking at our ultimate betting guide to see what you need to know to get going.

Important Terminology

An outright wager is a bet that a single player will win the whole tournament. It's rare to choose the winner, but when you do you get a ton of money.

A prop bet is a less difficult wager that follows a more specific wager you place. For instance, a top 5 finish is a prop bet that's used alongside a bet on the tournament winner.

A push is when the contest ends in a draw. This is rare in golf, but it can happen from 3-golfer groups in some instances.

A place bet is a wager on someone getting top 5, top 10, or another range of positions in the tournament.

3-ball wagers are on how three players grouped together in a tournament perform compared to one another. It's possible to bet on the winner of the three players in a group.

A Player's Position or the Tournament Winners

The most common wager type is on the tournament winner and a player's final position in a tournament. Between these two options, you can understand most of the wagers placed for upcoming tournaments.

Golfer Nationality

There are golfers from most countries. With so many different nationalities available you can bet on which country will be represented by the winner. If you want to wager on American or European nationalities you likely won't win much. If you want to bet on a unique nationality that most other golfers don't share you could get a more exciting bet.

Wager on A Golfer's Age

Win more often if you bet on a player's age rather than the player himself. That's because other players could result in a payout too. This lets you bet on who you think the winner will be while giving you other possible winners that will pay you too. This is a simple way for you to wager on multiple players that could both win.

Hole in One or Albatross

It's nearly impossible, but you could get huge prizes by wagering on an albatross or a hole-in-one. These special wagers pay out if anyone in the tournament gets either one. Both are incredibly difficult to achieve and it's lucky if a single gambler gets one in a tournament.

Using Each Way Betting to Hedge

If you want to hedge your bet a bit to reduce your risk you should consider each-way betting. The each way technique allows you to bet a gambler will win and also bet they will place in the top rankings. Unfortunately, each way betting lowers your win if you bet right on the tournament, and if you bet wrong you still aren't likely to recover all your money if you win your tournament place wager.

Entertain Yourself with Head-to-Head Wagers

Sportsbooks create wagers that put two similar golfers together in head-to-head matchups. Use these wagers to focus on just two players for a new way to have fun. You must choose one player over the other and if you choose right you get a nice win.

Try Live Betting Golf

While watching the games you can bet on different data points that occur while players finish their holes. Bet on the score of a hole, wager on how players will swing, and more.

Build a Betting Card

We don't normally advise gamblers to only wager on a player winning a tournament. It's too rare for even the number-one-ranked player to win every tournament. That's why it's best to place a range of wagers on the person. You can bet on them to win, to place in the top 5, and to accomplish some other things you think are likely to happen. If you use this strategy you'll win more readily. Even if you choose a few losing wagers you'll likely get some of your easier bets and still have winnings to count. A good betting card has the same player multiple times, making it easy for them to win at least some prizes.

Before you wager on a golf event take the time to learn all the tips and terminology above. When you know the information you can place more effective wagers and achieve better results. You'll become a more capable golf bettor after you've practiced and studied, which is exactly what this guide is for.